The company Domus Stroyinvest

Dear Lord!

Construction company "Domus Stroyinvest offers its services for the implementation of the general contracting work.

Our experts have extensive experience in the management of the works on objects, commissioning, as well as resolving issues with the city administration and all public services in Kharkov.

Company "Domuc Stroyinvest the following services:

  • design;
  • construction - assembly work;
  • concrete works;
  • steel erection;
  • brickwork;
  • screed;
  • plaster;
  • roofing services;
  • all types of finishing operations;
  • Works on installation of external and internal engineering networks;
  • heating;
  • heating;
  • water supply;
  • ventilation;
  • air conditioning;
  • electricity;
  • sewerage.

We guarantee the quality of work.

Objects on which the work performed by company "Domus Stroyinvest:

  • Construction of the office center on the street. Novgorod, Kharkov;
  • Construction of retail - entertainment complexes;
  • "Karavan", Kharkov;
  • "Karavan" Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine;
  • "Karavan", Kiev;
  • TRK "Duffy", Kharkov;
  • TRK "Obi", Kharkov;
  • TC "Target", Kharkov;
  • Construction of the plant for the production of insulating materials, Kharkov;
  • Construction of an elite residential complex "White Elephant", Kharkov;
  • Construction of an administrative elite 12 - storey building company, Invest-market Ukraine, Kharkov;
  • Construction of administration building company "National" Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine;
  • Construction of shopping complexes ATB;
  • Construction of cultural and entertainment complex "Ave Plaza, Kharkov;
  • etc.

We hope for cooperation

Yours sincerely

Director Tatiana Vlasenko